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The Castle Behind Thorns (2014)

by Merrie Haskell(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
0062008196 (ISBN13: 9780062008190)
Katherine Tegen Books
review 1: bookaday #112. Nice blend of historical fiction and fantasy, with a hint of fairy tale flavor. I really liked having a map at the beginning to help visualize Sand's exploration of the castle. Some of the vocabulary might be a stretch for the younger end of the MG crowd (amenable, vernacular, disconsolate). I really liked this line on page 248: "Could there be a more willful misinterpretation of this situation?" I'll need to remember that when I am inclined to say DUH! Good message at the end about holding grudges and forgiveness.
review 2: A well-crafted Sleeping Beauty fantasy about a young royal who wakes up after being asleep for over 20 years. The start of the story is slow, mirroring the slow awakening that is happening within the Sundered Castle that
... moreis surrounded by deadly brambles. As life picks up within the castle so does the book's pacing. The two main characters are fully realized with well defined personalities: Perrotte, the lost heir, is passionate about book learning and ideas while Sand is passionate about blacksmithing with a gift for mending. A thoughtful book about forgiveness. less
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By its end, touches deep as a thorn. Somehow, the slack of in-between ground almost too-heavy.
This story is delightful, with friendship, forgiveness, and blacksmithing.
This was an interesting and fun read!
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