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Tightly Wound (2011)

by Mia Dymond(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 4
Mia Dymond, via Smashwords
review 1: This last book continues the story of Claire and Shadow from book 3. Claire is an empath and is able to see the future. Shadow is one of the SEALs, Inc. and a psychic blocker. He can heal Claire when she is overwhelmed by the evil that surrounds her. They have always been attracted to each other, but they finally admit it to each other. Someone is trying to kill Claire and Shadow is making sure that he does not. A very good series and wish there were more.
review 2: I don't know why I kept reading these. The writing just gets worse and the "mystery" of who the bad guy was was so obvious I figured it out the instant he made an appearance. I wanted to shout are you people oblivious!And as with all the books I noticed the disturbing editing issue that on mor
... moree than one occasion it appears scenes have been cut/edited out but following events/scenes don't seem to take this into account so the reader is left with a huge what the F%$^& am I missing feeling. less
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I loved all of the books in this series, and this was not exception. Defintely worth the read!
this series was great and I loved how it all tied together....I love happily ever after!!!!
What a great ending to the series! I absolutely LOVED Shadow and Claire!
very short, little plot and mostly porn, overall not a great read
Such a great series... Want more from these sexy men!!!
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