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The Coke Machine (2010)

by Michael Blanding(Favorite Author)
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1101443405 (ISBN13: 9781101443408)
Penguin Group (USA)
review 1: Книга-разоблачение оказалась крайне неудачной и скучной, т.к. разоблачать особо нечего. На 320 страницах мучительно обсасываются несколько грешков, к которым Coca-Cola Co. даже не имеет бесспорного непосредственного отношения. Очень много отведено в этом труде описанию неудачных попыток горе-юристов и активистов одоить корпорацию. Ясно, что за душой каждой большой и старой компании можно отыскать грязные делишки, но они не настол... moreько ужасны, чтобы платить за книгу $25. Самое полезное от книги - понимание оболваненности любителей этого замечательного напитка, в том числе и меня.
review 2: Finished. The first half of the book was mostly dedicated to Coke's history and how the company grew through the years. It covered Coke's leadership changes and challenges leading up to to today's Coke. There were however a couple of items I didn't realize at the time mostly the transformation from sugar to high fructose corn syrup and the profitability growth and franchising that followed. When I look back, yes I was a coke classic fan and even in college would drink a 32 oz at the start of every class. Brand advertising must have gotten me hooked at an early age. How Coke also advertises to kids in today's market and the competition for brand loyalty is good business to fuel the future consumers, but the product and impact on obesity and diet was an eye opener. For the second half of book focused on international growth. I see the argument of how Coke is considered damaging to the environment and the corruption in non US countries that has been occurring. Call it good business growth practices, or call is consumer idiot-ism for consuming it when you know what it's doing around you. Interesting thoughts: In a convenience store, Coke typically sells for a price less than water. I'm also not a big proponent of PET for water and other beverage containers. I would prefer aluminum as it's easier to recycle and does not require new materials nor the same large amount of energy consumed for raw materials. When I can, I carry a plastic mug around that I picked up in my college union about 20+ years ago. This was the same cup that was refilled with Coke Classic before every class. Enough rambling. If your a soda drinker, light or heavy, and your a Coke fan, this book is definitely worth the read. Also worth the read if you have kids or are considered obese. There are many good items that reading between the light, just may persuade you to consider tap water not in a bottle. There are other good books on the environment, on diet and on the brain that all have discussed components this book touched on. Be an educated consumer. less
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scary..coke is evil (as is every other multi national though)
790 - 2012
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