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The Ring Of Rocamadour (2009)

by Michael D. Beil(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0375848142 (ISBN13: 9780375848148)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
The Red Blazer Girls
review 1: The first of a series, this book focuses on Sophie and Margaret and their quest to solve a 20+ year old mystery and find the Ring of Rocamadour. Although this book is mostly light (more so compared to other mysteries), these girls have depths and complicated lives. The mystery and clues also cover a range of subjects (math, literature, religion to name a few). At times Margaret seems too smart and knowledgeable for her age and Sophie seems a bit adult and mature but that doesn't diminish the book.The narration and voice characterization was fine. Some of the girls sounded similar, but they were also more minor in this book. Sophie's voice was very distinct and realistic.I would recommend for fans of Chasing Vermeer (very similar type of book), puzzles and mysteries as... more well as Charles Dickens fans.
review 2: This is a fun book for middle schoolers. There are mild swear words and a subplot about crushes (no more than kisses happen, although another girl is described as overly flirtatious). The reason I picked it out is because when I flipped through to see the puzzles, there were algebraic equations charted on graphs. Yes! Plus the Pythagorean Theorem is involved.Sophie narrates this book about how she and her best friends Rebecca and Margaret (and new friend Leigh Ann) meet an eccentric woman who lives adjacent to their school. The woman has found an old birthday card to her daughter from her father; the grandfather had set up an elaborate scavenger hunt as a way to give his granddaughter a precious artifact but had a heart attack before the card could be delivered.Now it's up to the Red Blazer girls (in their private school uniforms) to solve the mystery, using what they know of Theology, Math, Literature (Dickens gets a lot of play) and navigating New York City.Fun and smart. less
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Not my favorite kind of mystery: kids, puzzles, girl stuff..
absolutely loved it! read it 3 times can't get enough of it
My 8-year-old is liking this series.
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