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The Mistaken Masterpiece (2011)

by Michael D. Beil(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
0375867406 (ISBN13: 9780375867408)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
The Red Blazer Girls
review 1: The third in the Red Blazer Girls series, this latest outing does not disappoint. The girls are asked to help discover if a painting is REALLY that of a famous artist - and in find themselves caught up with a gallery that may be copying famous paintings. Meanwhile, Sophie meets a famous actor and winds up taking care of his dog, and discovers that there's more to her rival Livvy than meets the eye.
review 2: It all starts when Sophie's arch enemy Livvy accidentally breaks Sophie's nose during swim practice, then the famous young movie star Nate Etan (starring in the vampire movie being made from that bestseller, 'No Reflections') eats at Sophie's father's French restaurant and falls in love with the food to the point at which he agrees to let Sophie and her fri
... moreends spend a day on set with him in appreciation. That morphs into him asking Sophie to take care of his dog, Tilly, for a few days while he's out of town, and then Father Julian at St. Veronica's (the girls' school, where they wear their famous red blazers) asks the mystery-solving Red Blazer Girls to help him authenticate a painting, and...well, it all gets a little complicated from there!This is such a fun series for girls who like mysteries but aren't ready for or interested in anything dark or violent. There are no deaths, no violence (except the accidental nose-breaking), and the villains get their due. Clever readers can follow the clues and figure things out before Sophie does, so it's really more of a mystery for people who like puzzles rather than murder. I think the only drawback for me was that part of the story was told in hearsay, because Sophie wasn't involved in a part of it and had to hear about it from her friends. It would have worked better in first person. But still, a great mystery series to recommend to middle school girls. less
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I love this! Interesting, sometimes funny. I like the main characters a lot, too.
I did enjoy this book 'I just have read better books then this one
gud book
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