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The Sand Dragon (2010)

by Michael F. Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
1554047420 (ISBN13: 9781554047420)
Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.
review 1: The town of Fort Mic is a community divided. One that has went through too much & it seems the land doesn’t forget that when Kim Axon is called to tar sands to investigate the discovery of a pterosaurs skeleton. Little does she know it is about to infect the town & divide them even more, that is if they survive long enough. When the town gets quarantined because of an outbreak of sick towns people, the police refuse to enter & it is up to a few residents to stop the true horror that has been unleashed.It’s not often a book keeps me up at night due to horror, but The Sand Dragon did just that. It freaked me out because it takes place outside of a town I am very familar with as both my father & brother work in the sand mines there. Just the thought of all this horror hap... morepening in this town was enough to keep me up at night. The Sand Dragon is like Stephen King, but based around some true facts. Which in my opinion only make it all the more scary.I loved Mr. Stewart’s writing style, it kept the pace action packed & seriously horrified me, mostly with the graphic depiction of the birth of a monster & a serial killer in the making. But it kept me turning the pages wee into the night, because I had to know if these monsters could be stopped & who-else would fall victim to the town of Fort Mic.My only issue was with the first few chapters, while they set up the book I felt they were a bit slow & choppy. The mining terms also confused me, but I ended up understanding it after seeing it used a few more times.If you are a fan of the horror genre or just feel the need to get creeped out, pick up a copy of The Sand Dragon…but don’t blame me when you end up with a fear of sand.
review 2: OK, I'll go out on a limb here and say that this was one of the most unique "vampire" stories I've read in a while. (I say that for several reasons)This one uses Native American myth and legend as the basis for the storyline. I really enjoyed Michael's use of his characters in this one because he made them seem very real.The "vampires" in this story were, in my opinion, very original. I've never (personally) read of ancient bloodsuckers controlled by the life force of an ancient dragon.This was certainly a horror story, and if you like gore in your horror then you should check this one out. It really packs a punch! less
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