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The Wanting (2013)

by Michael Lavigne(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
0805212574 (ISBN13: 9780805212570)
review 1: This is a unique book, which tells of one suicide bombing incident, through the voices of the Israeli victim, the victim's adolescent daughter, and the suicide bomber. In doing so, it tells us the greater story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while being empathetic to both sides. The floating head of the suicide bomber, imagined (or seen?) by the victim brings a touch of magic realism to the book, and which serves as a creative and unique vehicle for the telling of the Palestinian story.
review 2: A Libby pick... I had a suspicion I wasn't going to really like this one. I think I would have enjoyed this better if the author had just told the story, rather than relied on a gimmicky narrative device to move things along. It kind of makes me wonder if Lavign
... moree would be capable of telling a rich story without such devices. I found Roman's sections most compelling -- his confusion and lapses after the attack were believable and disturbing, and his voice rang the most true with me. less
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Was a little hard to follow...not sure if that's because I am not familiar with the location or not.
Sad story,some good theological discussions but not sure of ultimate meaning
I would actually rate it 3.5 Stars.
Moving and thought provoking.
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