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Blood Sacrifice (2012)

by Michael Lister(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
Pulpwood Press
John Jordan Mystery
review 1: I picked up Michael Lister’s Blood Sacrifice because I wanted to get embroiled in a good mystery. I liked the title and the main character, who is an ex-cop/prison chaplain. I also was intrigued by the premise: the hero, John Jordan, is a bit burnt out in his personal and professional lives, so he goes to a spiritual retreat for renewal. And of course, while there, a murder or two occur. But the twist is this—there is perhaps a demon afoot. Yes, a real, body inhabiting devil. Or so we, as readers, may choose to believe. So I started reading, thinking I was in for a rollicking good tale, told by a competent writer. I quickly discarded that notion. Don’t get me wrong, Lister is, indeed, a good writer and the tale is indeed engrossing. But Lister, no doubt drawing on hi... mores own background as a prison chaplain, lays out a story and characters that have much more depth than I expected. There are spiritual examinations that are quite thought-provoking. And that demon? You may actually believe it exists. I’m not sure. And that’s the beauty of good writing.
review 2: I enjoyed this thrilling "who dunnit" mystery. The supernatural exorcism twist definitely grabbed me by the seat and wouldn't let go. I though Lister's description of the events were terrifying enough to grasp the readers imagination. It definitely got under my skin. I'll shamefully admit that I'm not very good at figuring out who did it in any mystery novel, but towards the end there were so many twists and turns I'm not sure anyone else would have grasped it either. Yes, some revelations were obvious, but when some of the others were revealed I wondered if this John Jordan had psychic powers or something. Like seriously, how could he know THAT? I'm looking forward to following this character and I'm definitely going to look into the first four mysteries as well. I'd like to know more about the one who got away and how the complications of that relationship destroyed him and his ability to truly let go and love. less
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Drug a little in certain spots, but kept you guessing until the very end. Overall a great read.
Fast and easy vacation read. A bit preachy.
Bad language.
I enjoyed it.
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