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The Plight And Plot Of Princess Penny (2012)

by Michael Mullin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Penny's a princess, sure, but it doesn't stop her from being picked on by the popular girl in school. To exact her revenge, she goes to a witch whose advertisement was in the local paper. She is so blinded by her hatred, she doesn't see what the real problem is. Jink is a troll who knows exactly what the true cost is of the witch's "help". Told in verse, with clever rhymes and an age-old lesson within, The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny is a delight to read. It's also a lot of fun to read it aloud to an audience. If you enjoy fractured fairy tales, this is the story for you!
review 2: This was a nice original fairy tale told in verse. It poked fun at a lot of the standard fairy tale tropes including the evil witch and the spells that go wrong but it also inc
... moreluded a lot of standard high school stuff where best friends become bitter enemies. Penny and Darcy were best friends when they were little but had a falling out when Darcy want to use their friendship to gain social status. For years now, Darcy and her crowd have been bullying and excluding Penny. Now Penny has found a chance for revenge through the unlikely source of an ad in a magazine.When she travels to meet the evil witch who can cast the spell needed for her revenge, she meets Jink who begins the story as a small, wrinkled troll with big bug eyes and a scraggly goatee. Despite his appearance, he has good advice for Penny and urges her to give up her revenge plot. When that fails, he is always there to rescue her when something goes wrong as it inevitably does in fairy tales. And, as is in the case of fairy tales, wrongs are righted, evil is vanquished, and the hero and heroine live happily ever after. Well, maybe not the last, but they do agree to "just see how it goes." This was a cute story with clever rhymes and verses. It was also a quick read. I recommend it for fans of fairy tales who want a little twist in their stories. less
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I thought this book was a very interesting original fairytale. i enjoyed this book a lot
This was really cute. The Frog Prince meets Mean Girls.
i like this book a lot!
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