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Coop: A Year Of Poultry, Pigs, And Parenting (2009)

by Michael Perry(Favorite Author)
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0061240435 (ISBN13: 9780061240430)
review 1: This isn't a perfect book, and Perry isn't a perfect writer, but he knows how to tell stories, he knows how to make you laugh unexpectedly with a special turn of phrase, and he can lay you flat with a story of sadness and tears. I loved this book. I identify with the farm upbringing, the large family, and the urges for simple living. I am a firefighter like Perry, and my age and the associated keystones of our era all ring true for me in his reminiscences. I give it 5 stars because I feel like this book was written for me, but I hesitate to recommend it too gushingly to those who may not be as aligned as I am. I hope and expect those with less commonalities will still very much enjoy this.
review 2: This was a pretty popular book at our county library. I had to
... more wait a good long time to find it in. I see it has a new cover image and subtitle, but this is the one I read, and I like that subtitle: A Family, a Farm and the Pursuit of One Good Egg, though the other cover image is mighty fetching too.I'd recently read Perry's, Truck: A Love Story, so this was a nice continuation of his family and their dream. Perry doesn't placate the reader and while I've lived through my own back to basics time in the mid 70's, he puts the visions in my memory to words that illustrate and explain what happens when animals are raised for food.This story is full of hometown heroes that live and work in Wisconsin everyday. Not often are your hogs butchered by a one handed guy with two eyes and sent for processing to a one eyed guy with two hands, but in Wisconsin, work goes on. Perry's family, past and present are often admired and honored in his work. Most of the joking and laughter is at himself with Baby Jane in for some interesting reading in the future.The image Perry's words created of Jake and Jed leaves a heavy imprint on the heart.It's a struggle for Perry, knowing that Anneliese is home doing more than her fair share of the work while he's off on booktours. He feels more than a small amount of guilt over it but luckily Anneliese and Amy take up the slack with rarely any slumpage.Beautiful, enjoyable, livable story and family in progress here. less
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So entertaining. Even if I hadn't raised chickens. Very well written.
A strong contender for my favorite of his book.
from Bev Atwood
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