New Post: After Forever by Jasinda Wilder


Title: After forever

Published: 2013

Genre:  Adult Contemporary

Page count: 194

Rating: 4.5/5


I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m a castaway. Lost. Drowning. I love you. That’s the only true thing I know, and it’s all I have to hold on to. I love you. I’ll love you forever. Until the day I die, and I’ll love you in whatever world comes after this one. I love you so much, Ever. I miss you. Dear Jesus, I miss you. Come back to me.

For forever, and after forever,

My Thoughts:

Now that were on to book 2 its just as emotionally charged as the first one if not more. So, at the end of the last one we are stuck with such a horrible cliff hanger where Caden and Ever get into a horrible car crash. WHAT?! An now that were on to book 2 Ever ends up in a coma and lost her baby and Cade has a broken leg.

After reading this it completely broke my heart with Cade because you can tell that he is heart broken and doesn’t know what to do now that he “lost” the love of his life. Cade also finds its hard to be around Ever’s Twin sister Eden because the only difference is there hair colour. Eden manipulates Cade into sleeping with him because she’s also in love with him and she saw an opportunity because of his time of grief and he took it. I’m kind of on the fence on how I feel about that because Ever had been in a coma for about a year an he kept thinking that she wasn’t going to wake up. So he cheated on Ever right? I’m thinking yes and no but everyone has a difference of opinion.

With everything that has happened in this book I have to say that I did really enjoy it.

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