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The Treasure Hunt Club (2011)

by Michael Scott Clifton(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
1617395803 (ISBN13: 9781617395802)
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
review 1: I enjoyed the "Treasure Hunt Club" more than any book I have read for some time. This book is well written and the story is so believable that even though you know it is a novel; you want to take part in the story. I felt like I wanted to go with these Treasure Hunters and help them find what they were looking for. I just had to keep reading in all my spare time until I finished the story. Kept wanting to know what was going to happen next! I was pleased to see the story has a moral; but a little disappointed that the riches didn't do more good for the club members. In all, you could not find a book more enjoyable and I hope it isn't the last we hear from Michael Scott Clifton. Great storyteller! I received this as a free book from Goodreads, but I will be pleased t... moreo buy the next one from this author if it is as great. Thank you Michael Scott Clifton. I just knew I would like your book.
review 2: "The Treasure Hunt Club" is entertaining from the beginning to the end. The author had me hooked from the start. I found myself laughing at the name of the baseball team and loved the description of the Antique Store owner. I thought the author showed great creativity in where he hid the "Lost Book of Treasures" to all the different places the book took them. Michael Clifton created such wonderful and colorful characters that are easy to follow and you can't help but grow to love. I could relate to wanting to find treasure and enjoyed the adventures the characters had. The story is filled with romance, action, and mystery and would make an entertaining movie. This is an original story you won't want to miss! less
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When I read this book it took me to a world of adventure.It was a fast book to read.
I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads
I received this through a goodreads giveaway.
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