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Cocktail Mit Einem Vampir Roman (2010)

by Michele Bardsley(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
3899417828 (ISBN13: 9783899417821)
Mira Taschenbuch
Broken Heart
review 1: Ralph and Libby........ absolutely adore these books! It's true that they're an easy read and that I eat them up like candy, but they're funny, sexy, heartwarming and just downright entertaining! I've always loved the added complication of all the vampire leads being single parents - it throws a wrench into the romance to have to consider children - and I love the way the author weaves together the action, the romance, and the family relationships. Perfect!
review 2: This series just keeps getting better and better. Whilst it is a light fluffy read it is also full of fun and likable characters.This one came with added Dragons which was an unexpected bonus.Libby Monroe, and her team of PRIS (Paranormal Research & Investigation Service) which includes her parents
... more have decided to stake out the town of Broken Heart and she was assigned the cemetery. Within about 5 minutes she is attacked by a crazed vampire, saved by a zombie, gets hot & bothered by another vampire and almost squished by a couple of dragons. And whilst she has spent her entire life studying potential paranormals she hasn't ever met any before or met anyone else who has either.Ralph, widower, father, is our hot vampire and has 3yr old twin sons and thinks they should be his priority but can't understand why he is drawn to the human girlie Libby.Meanwhile the female dragon has been fatally injured in the fight with her brother and wants to pass on her talents & soul to anyone but him. Libby is closest and whilst helping her she receives the ultimate gift of fire.Lots of battles ensue with dragons & the ancient Lia (one of the seven first vampires) and plenty of interaction between our favourite H and h of previous books. Broken Heart is turning into a real enclave of the paranormal.Looking forward to the next book, where hopefully, we'll find out where Synd's (brother dragon) soul went and why he was trying to steal Sybina's soul. And also what happened to the evil In-Laws who wanted to take Ralph's twins, even though they didn't know he was a vampire. less
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When I found the first book from The Broken Heart Series not only the title but cover art caught my eye right away. I purchased all of the books the store had at the time. Oh and I failed to mention it was a Friday evening.... I read until my eye wouldn't stay open, laughed out loud, at one point my Husband started to make snarky remarks. I had a book in hand everything where that weekend. By Early Monday morning all five had been read and I had maybe two hours of sleep before work. They are by far the funniest, action packed, romantic and interesting books I have read in years.... they open up a whole new wolrld that was hidden deep inside. Now I just get antsy while waiting on a new book in a series of many or read many of Michele's suggested reads from her group :) just love it and would live in this town if I could. Thank you Michele for your wonderful mind and talent to express great dreams fantisies with some romantic get it on too. Your the best!
Sadly, this book isn't worth your time. No character development; too much stress (someone gets killed or almost killed in every chapter); predictable plot.Try another vampire series if vampires are what you want. Suggestions: the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris; the Blood series by Tanya Huff; or classics such as Yarbro's St. Germaine series or Saberhagen's The Holmes/Dracula Files.
in love couldn't put the damn book down.
So so funny! I enjoyed this book.
Fuck this shit!
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