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Sing A New Song (2013)

by Michelle Lindo-Rice(Favorite Author)
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1601627483 (ISBN13: 9781601627483)
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review 1: Michelle Lindo-Rice tackles many issues that Christians face. As Christians, we are taught to never question God and have faith that He will see us through. However, what happens when believers are faced with trying situations and unanswered prayers? Lindo-Rice gives the truthful depiction of exactly what happens.In “Sing a New Song,” Tiffany Knightly is dying of cancer and decides to face the demons of her past. Her reconnection with past friends and lovers serve as rejuvenation to the soul for some but unwanted revelations for others. Some people are forced to face the person staring at them in the mirror, while others refuse to change. It’s amazing how the desires of our hearts can overshadow the power of God as people struggle between the Earthly and the spiritua... morel. This book will definitely have you crying one minute and laughing another. You will gain a deep love for some characters and shake your head at others. And when you feel like things cannot get any worse or better, Lindo-Rice shows the power of God and the influence that he has in our lives. Just when all else fails and all hope is gone, God shows who is truly in control. Things may not happen the way people want, but they happen the way God sees fit.Sing a New Song reveals that people are often times faced with unfathomable trials, but how should they react? What happens when a child is abused and the mother doesn’t believe her? Who do you turn to and what do you do when you are unsure of who your child’s father really is? What happens when the results are revealed? Is sometimes the truth better left untold? What about forgiveness? Can all sins and wrongdoings be forgiven? How does one trust God through everything when one’s deepest desire has yet to be met? Can men truly remain faithful with their wife is neglectful? Is the love between two parents enough to positively raise a child? Lindo-Rice answers all of these questions exquisitely through her story-telling, while forcing the reader to search through his/her own heart for a new song.
review 2: Tiffany Knightly wants to get her business in order in Sing A New Song by Michelle Lindo Rice. Tiffany has done well for herself with her singing career, which made taking care of her daughter, Karlie, easy. When Tiffany learns she is dying from cancer, Tiffany wants to make sure her daughter, Karlie, is taken care of. Tiffany decides to move back to her hometown to face her past so that her daughter can have a future.The only problem with Tiffany’s happily ever after is that she has to approach four men from her past to find out who is Karlie’s biological father. Tiffany knows this has to be done in order to see if Karlie’s father will be able to properly take care of her when Tiffany is gone. In the process of rectifying her past issues and mistakes, Tiffany rekindles friendships and faces fears that she has worked hard to forget. Tiffany soon finds out that she may be in a test that will strengthen her faith or have her turning away from God’s plan.Sing A New Song was a compelling story of a mother trying to do right by her daughter. It should not shock me that a mother would wait so many years to acknowledge the father of her child since it happens every day. I applaud the author for sharing a wonderful story of forgiveness and faith. I enjoyed the characters, plot and anticipation of finding out who was the father and this kept my attention until the end. I would have never guessed that Sing A New Song was a debut novel from this author’s writing style. I look forward to reading more of her work. I recommend Sing A New Song to others.This book was provided by the author for review purposes.Teresa BeasleyAPOOO BookClub less
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Excellent book! Unexpected twists and great character development!
This was a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down.
This was a great book! This is a must read.
SO deep wow makes you think about life
Loved it! Can't wait for the sequel!
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