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Bitmeyen Aşk (2009)

by Michelle Reid(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
Harlequin Türkiye
review 1: Michelle Reid does a great job of creating angst-filled reads in the Presents line. This one really fits the bill, but for some reason it fell a bit short for me. I think the hero was perhaps a bit TOO overbearing and alpha-holish for me. His accusations of an affair were a bit too much, and I wasn't quite sold on the HEA, despite the epilogue. Still an enjoyable read, but probably not the book I would recommend to someone who hadn't read Ms. Reid's work before.
review 2: Just couldn't get into this one all that much. The H was dashing and handsome and totally alpha male. The h was lovely and strong yet a fool when it comes to the H.OK.Then there's the deceased child they have that absolutely tugs at your heart strings.OK.Then there's lots of passionate sex whe
... morere the H and h can't seem to get enough of each other.OK.Then there's the 5 years without sex for either of them...including the virile Greek H.Uh huh. Sure.I could see grief robbing you of your desire to be initimate for a while, but five years? A man?OK. Maybe.But if he loved her so much, was so distraught by her absence, why didn't he seek her out again? Five years is a long time to wallow.Not buying it.The ending of this book is what inched it up to 2 stars. I LOVED it! Talk about closure and love and learning to live with one's grief. It was beautiful. less
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Hakkını veren bir 4 yıldız :) Michelle Reid gene güzel bir hikaye çıkarmış.
Another cracking read from Michelle. Characters, setting, passion - it has it all.
I really enjoy reading this book. It's well written and very touching.
As always, Reid ROCKS!
4.5 stars
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