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The Ranieri Bride (For Love Or Money) (2006)

by Michelle Reid(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 1
037312564X (ISBN13: 9780373125647)
Harlequin Books
review 1: Although I enjoyed the read, it infuriated me that he acted like she never told him about the baby, and then we learn towards the end that she did tell him she was pregnant! Also, he dumped her and moved on the other women while she went three years alone...infuriating. At least there is some acknowledgment that he can't just take the child away from her...she feels she can't get public assistance but of course, she could get child support! So her giving in just doesn't make sense after the way he treated her. He rejected her after an attempted rape instead of rushing to help her....really hard to come back from that for me. I did love the more realistic than usual portrayal of a difficult toddler and mother-child relationship. And his love for her was understandabl... moree, she was lovely...I just never understood her love for him.
review 2: Hard headed business man Enrico discovers by accident that his former lover Freya, whom he tossed out 3 years previously because he believed she had an affair with his cousin, is the mother of his 2 year old son and she works in the company he's about to take over. So begins his pursuit to get her to be his wife despite Freya's attempts to remain distant from him.Another steamy, emotional and passionate read by Michelle. less
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what happened to the grovelling?? what happened to the bad guy??
Very good book. Love the story so realistic.
Good book but not enough chemistry...
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