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The Future Of The Mind: The Scientific Quest To Understand, Enhance, And Empower The Mind (2014)

by Michio Kaku(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
038553082X (ISBN13: 9780385530828)
review 1: Amazing book. Easy to read for the non expert and at the same time gives a lot of details. You end up curios about the neuroscience world. It is really interesting how he categorise the different levels of conscience and how he refers to the actual research and development in this field around the world. For example the Eyewire software, an attempt to map al the neurones int the human brain, i already subscribed, or the "dream recording" technology. I didn't know that just recently technology made viable the scientific study of the brain and how fast it is growing. Also the chapter of how the alien mind would be is really interesting. Just like Jules Verne and his books, let see what humanity have to say about this "predictions" in about fifty or a hundred yea... morers...
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed Kaku's exploration of neuroscience and physics, and he makes several cogent arguments, yet I feel that he fails to adequately address some areas. In particular, areas of ethical concern regarding the potential applications and implications of the developing technologies. Overall I found the book really opened my eyes and challenged me to think beyond the limits of what I assume to be possible. Definitely worth a read! less
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Great book for a science fiction writer. Lots of speculation and science.
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