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Illustrado (2008)

by Miguel Syjuco(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: The book moves in a very slow pace. I have thought of this as it confused me as an autobiography of Crispin Salvador. It also has too many differing opinions and facts that somehow lead to confusion on simple-minded readers. Most of the time I am tempted to skip pages as it is becomin tiring for me reading uncommon words. Despite the fact of the 'flaws' in the book, it is timely especially for a Filipino leader as it dwelt on the issues related to our government actors today.
review 2: I rescued my copy of "Ilustrado" from the Dollar Store bin and for a dollar, I figured I would read it.The author writes brilliantly with a grasp of language and a beautiful rythm of words that is very rare. Also, I found myself running to the dictionary frequently, which is unus
... moreual.The novel takes place in New York City and the Philippines. The introduction leads you to believe that this is a murder mystery. However, it is more about the seeker of truth, the protagonist Miquel, who takes us through a hall of mirrors where reality is illusive. less
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Sensitive , deep, Well written , this author is a very talented writer. I loved the book
Only just a 4. Good fun. Bit Bolano like. Made space to enjoy.
I mostly enjoyed this. but I'm still a tad confused.
What a REAL piece of #literature by Miguel #Syjuco!
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