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Billionaires, Bullets, Exploding Monkeys (2009)

by Mike Attebery(Favorite Author)
3.08 of 5 Votes: 1
Cryptic Bindings
A Brick Ransom Adventure
review 1: The book starts off from the perspective of Nick, a level entry worker on a research project. He is unhappily married and having an affair with a co-worker (which ultimately saves his life). Then it shifts to Jeff Pepper....eccentric billionaire who is visiting the hospital to check up on a research project. Then it sifts to Tim....one of the terrorist, who doesn't want to hurt people but will to get what Dr Raj Gupta. Finally, after the hostages are taken (including Jeff Pepper), the book shifts to Brick Ransom, Jeff Pepper's close friend and an FBI agent. What happens from that point on is very fast paced.I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars on Shelfari and Goodreads. While I enjoyed the book and thought the title was extremely eye catching, I didn't like that the boo... morek kept shifting from one person to another until almost the end. For me, it took some of the pizzazz out of it.Will I reccomend this book to family and friends? Absolutely. Even if they don't like these types of books, I believe that they will like this one.
review 2: I spend about an hour reading in bed every night to unwind at the end of the day. I'm not looking for the next great novel necessarily, just something to relax with before going to sleep every night. The title and a couple of the amazon reviews made me think this book would be worth the couple of bucks that it sold for. What guys doesn't like the combination of bullets and exploding monkeys? That being said, this book was awful.The characters were unbelievable, the dialogue was cliche, and the story was painfully predictable. You'd think with a title like this the book would be funny. Some of the apparently real reviewers said it was like a cross between an action movie and the office. Maybe an action movie on a late night cable network. Maybe it was like The Office in that it contained scenes set in an office, but it contained nothing remotely funny. To say it had humor like the office would be to say my life is like Dale Earnhart's because I drive a car.I paid next to nothing for this book and was still disappointed in the value I got from it. Don't judge a book by it's cover, but more importantly don't judge it from a catchy title. Lesson learned. less
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Did not think much about this book, couldn't get excited or thrilled about any if it sorry :-( x
Far-fetched faintly funny action thriller
Great action
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