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Seattle On Ice (2011)

by Mike Attebery(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 4
Cryptic Bindings
A Brick Ransom Adventure
review 1: What do a bookkeeper, a librarian, and a hit man have in common? All three are witnesses that can put Seattle’s top crime boss behind bars for life. His minions are trying to eliminate them. In almost blizzard conditions Brick Ransom is collecting the three and taking them to a safe, secure location. There are crooked cops and a pretty stupid mayor who refuses to salt the roads making driving a hazard, and the car crashes are amazing. This book is wonderful; it could be a Bruce Willis movie there is so much action. This was my first Brick Ransom novel and I enjoyed it so much I ordered two others when I finished reading it.
review 2: It's snowing in Seattle, there's corruption at every turn & Ransom needs a good meal. This was a fun read for a weekend. A
... morecop trying to keep witnesses safe for a big trial the next day is difficult enough but our cop, Ransom is having to do so in a snow storm of epic proportions not knowing who he can trust & on a very tense run. The action was vivd & very much like watching a movie (especially the library & market chases). The characters were well drawn & honestly, I was very much a fan of all the food references. I wanted a bowl of Mrs. Ransom's beef stew with warm bread (no offense to the divine osso bucco or onion tartlet). When your cop is channelling Martha Stewart-isms to get him through his travails, I think that's pretty special. This isn't going to change your life or anything but it is darned entertaining. I suggest having good food & wine nearby. less
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Kind of a madcap series of adventure that are mostly unbelievable. But a fun read.
Free e-book. Definitely worth the price.
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