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Monsters Love Colours. By Mike Austin (2013)

by Mike Austin(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
0062263129 (ISBN13: 9780062263124)
HarperCollins Children's Books
review 1: This is a cute book that aims to teach colors and color theory (red and blue makes purple, blue and yellow makes green, etc). It is cute, but the illustrations are very busy - the intent is to have the scribble scrabble feel of small children's artwork, but i find it overly busy and a bit distracting. So far, my 17 month old has little interest, but we'll see how the week goes before I return it to the library.
review 2: Another great picture book to teach children colors and basic color theory (what happens when you mix more than one color together). These monsters are fun, and they'll grab paints, crayons, and anything they can to make colors. My toddler particularly liked when one of the monsters started eating a crayon and then part of the book said, "Don't
... more eat your crayon, silly monster." She would repeat that line again and again.Some of the monsters don't have colors, so the monsters have to figure out how to make new colors for them.This book is great at catchy word play and creating a rhythm for the ear to enjoy. less
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This is probably my favorite monster book. I'm quickly becoming a fan of Mike Austin!
A colors book featuring silly monsters.
Great for ages 4+
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