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House Justice (2010)

by Mike Lawson(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 2
0802119379 (ISBN13: 9780802119377)
Atlantic Monthly Press
Joe DeMarco
review 1: Mike Lawson keeps turning out great books and this one is no different. A solid 4 1/2 Stars. Joe DeMarco is a great main character and I look forward to many more adventures. If you read this series start at the beginning as they all run back to back and it would do you justice to understand the history between Joe and his boss Mahoney the Speaker of The House.. Give Mike Lawson a shot, he's a great writer.
review 2: The overall plot is tangled and interesting and some of the scenes appealed to my senseof humor. The writing is good and deserves better proofreading, although that seems the norm in the publishing industry today. The only beef I have with this mystery novel is that the story is told fromthe point of view of many different characters, too many in m
... morey view, someof whom were introduced quite late in the book. The MC, Demarco, isn't even introduced until several chapters in, which is a bit unusual, but worked all right in this book.I enjoyed the book a lot but not sure I like the writing style enough to read another inthe series. less
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Another excellent book in the DeMarco series. If you like the others, you'll love this one.
So-so Did not grab me
Another great tale
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