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The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, And The History Of Comic Book Heroines (2009)

by Mike Madrid(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
1935259032 (ISBN13: 9781935259039)
Exterminating Angel Press
review 1: RFL 2014 I'm surprised at how interesting I found this book considering I am not at all interested in comic books. I just can't stand reading the format. Madrid does an excellent job of giving enough information about the heroines that I could follow the literary analysis without any experience with the stories. However, this book would have been much better if Madrid could have secured rights to include some of the color drawings of the original superheroines rather than having to rely solely on his descriptions. I found myself Googling some of them to see what he was talking about. I wonder how well it will play with the high school crowd for Read for a Lifetime because I'm not sure that they will catch the author's sarcasm.
review 2: I read this as bas
... moreically a newcomer to comic books and found it to be an enlightening history of a wide range of the comic book industry, super heroines, and feminism. HOWEVER, that wide range also meant that it only briefly touched on many of it's sybjects before moving on and unfortunately, none of the characters costumes are reproduced in the book so you'll need google handy to really see what Madrid is talking about. Still, this is a great primer and fabulous jumping off point for deeper conversations/research on the subject. less
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informative, particularly about the golden age, but fails to capture the true suck of the 90s
A very important read for everyone dealing with comics and their readers.
Comic book nerd + feminist+ this book= one happy me
Funny and informative!
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