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Baby Talk - Book 1 (2000)

by Mike Wells(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: The writing is very good and I found the characters to be lifelike and almost real to the touch.The bad news is I could not see this as a true horror novel. I could not visualize this baby as being very threatening, or even scary. But maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. Perhaps this story was written with ‘tongue in cheek’. Then again each comes in with their own emotions. To some this might be terrifying.I did find a few typos. They were not real distracting, but noticeable.In all I consider him worth reading. I am anxious to read one of his suspense books next. This time I’d like to get all the books for that one story at one time.
review 2: I was asked by the author, to review the audiobook of "Baby Talk." As a cancer patient, I thoug
... moreht that listening to the story would help pass time when I was at the hospital. To listen to what is basically a horror story may be thrilling but don't listen at the hospital.Neal Becker and his wife, Anne, have a five month old child, Baby Natasha. One day when Neal is holding the five month old, the baby says ...feed me...Neal is startled because five month old children can't talk. He almost drops the baby and when he tells Anne, she won't believe him either.Neal never wanted the baby, Anne became pregnant and Neal wanted her to get an abortion but she refused.There follows a number of incidents where Baby Natasha makes life miserable for Neal. He almost loses his job after Baby Natasha calls his workplace and leaves a message. He's annoyed that no one believes him and sees hatred in the baby's eyes when she looks at him.The narrator, Karen Allers, does a wonderful job in narrating the story. When she does a creepy version of Baby Natasha's voice, the story reminds me of what Rosemary's Baby and of The Exorcist.I found the story somewhat hard to believe and Neal to be a walking disaster. So many times he takes an action and I want to yell, "Don't do that!"The conclusion is memorable and I think fans of horror stories and of paranormal adventures will be entertained by this audiobook. less
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I liked the whole premise of a baby's revenge on a dad who wanted her dead! A real page-turner!
Pretty creepy baby! Wished I liked any of the characters though...
Enamored! Can't wait for the next!
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