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Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives (2011)

by Mina Samuels(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 4
1580053459 (ISBN13: 9781580053457)
Seal Press
review 1: I shudder to think what this manuscript must have looked like before an editor got their hands on it. The writing is terrible. I wish it were better, but it's flat-out bad. Is it memoir? Research-based nonfiction? Inspirational piece? The author has no clue, and so it is none of these things, instead it's cliche after cliche, bad prose and terrible transitions, little fact and too many unsupported quotes from "inspirational" women. I wanted to read a good book about running for women. This is not that book, nor is it good, or really about women running.
review 2: this book was ok. Although it had inspiring stories in it, I had a hard time getting through it for a few reasons - (1) it was more about female athletes in general rather than predominantly runners, (
... more2) the righting style was rough to get through, and (3) the author talked a lot about her own personal triumphs as a new author as a simile to running. This just wasn't the book I was expecting to read based on the synopsis I originally read. less
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Hated it. Just hated it. Refuse to finish it & might actually ask for a refund.
I planned an event at which Mina was a guest speaker. Love her!
This is a pro-girl, positive and very encouraging book.
Not as good as Run Like a Mother but still inspiring!
Pretty basic inspirational-type book. Light read.
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