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To Wish Or Not To Wish (2010)

by Mindy Klasky(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
As You Wish
review 1: I was rather surprised by this book. I was expecting a romantic comedy, but it was more along the lines of "chick lit". That being said, I found this book very entertaining. With the premise of the genie and the granting of wishes, I expected a more frivolous read, but I was surprised with the direction the author took. The central character, Erin, really thought through her choices and learned about the repercussions of those choices. I also enjoyed that this book was written in first person narrative; I felt like I could relate more to the thought processes going on in Erin's mind. This book really made me do some thinking of what I would change in my life and of the possible outcomes. I have never read any of Mindy Klasky books before, but based on my enjoyment o... moref this book, I will look for more of her books in the future!
review 2: I got an early copy of this book. I did like this book. Once I started listening to it on my Kindle2, I didn't want to take a break. This book, at least to me, had an Aladdin feel to it, if I can say that. It seemed to be based on that premise for the most part. One thing in the book that really bothered me and still does is the part where Amy's son per Erin's wish, is miraculously o.k. after an accident that was either going to end in his death or if he was alive, it wouldn't be a life worth living. Yes, I understand the book is about wishes and the genie and all that, but there is also a lot of realistic things going on as well. I suppose the realistic aspect of this bothers me most because after Amy's son is ok...all that is really said by doctors is that they must have misdiagnosed his injuries...come on now...we all know that just would never ever happen in this lifetime. That kind of thing could never be fixed that easily. Well, apparantly I'm stuck on some soap box here...I'll get down now. Overall, I liked Erin and wanted to know what was going to happen to her. I did want good things to happen for her & per the ending, it looked like she was on her way to making better decisions(when it came to men) & taking care of herself. Considering what happened to her parents when she was younger and also the ex-boyfriend situation, she deserved some good things in her life. less
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Funny, but maybe a little more serious than the others I've read in this series. I enjoyed it.
Light, funny novel without mentioning unpredictable genie Teel
She is a awesome writer .. Great writing Teel
Fresh and funny!
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