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The Dirty Divorce 2 (2010)

by Miss KP(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 1
1934230774 (ISBN13: 9781934230770)
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Dirty Divorce
review 1: This book was just as great & scandalous as the first! As things get worse between Lisa & Rich & they divorce, a new life enters into the picture. Rich spends more time with Marisol while Lisa finds a new love interest. Lisa's drug use increases, family members begin to die. Lisa & Rich console each other during their loss when an old but familiar person arrives. As emotions are flowing, another secret is revealed that no one saw coming. Another page turner that keeps you craving to read more.
review 2: OMG! Dirty Divorce 2 was off the chain, amazing, hot, fiyah! I'm not even going to tell the book because I know that other people didn't read it. But Miss KP did the damn thang again with her work, her pen and is str8 fiyah I can't wait until Dirty Divorce 3 c
... moreomes out. But I will say about this book it as shocking t had me on the edge of my seat, that I couldn't even put the book down. It really had brung back memory about who was who like Rich and Carlos being real brothers but nobody knew about it until, Renzo expose the truth about that he couldn't have kids and his wife had cheatted with his brother. Then the affair with Lisa and Carlos and she thought Carlos was her baby daddy. Also Marisol and Rich also was having affair that nobody knew about she also had a secert for all these years nobody knew. Juan thought that his best friend Kwame was true to his but later founded out that he want hos head after what Rich did to his uncle Mike, everything became a roller coaster ride for evey body. Great job Miss KP! less
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I went from one book to the next and Im almost done..this book is great!
Just as good as the first with an unexpected ending. .. Good read!
couldn't put this book down I'm so waiting for part 3
This book was crazy finished it in one day
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