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A Crucible Of Souls (2013)

by Mitchell Hogan(Favorite Author)
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Mitchell Hogan
Sorcery Ascendant Sequence
review 1: I randomly downloaded this ebook and started reading it due to the attractiveness of its name and cover. But once I started, it wouldn't let go. It's been really long since a finished a book in less than four sittings. I finished this one in three. The writing is superb. It's fast paced. Doesn't dwell too much on minute details. Plus the language is 'urban', making reading it easy and fun unlike such extreme epic fantasy writers such as David Eddings. The book is a mixture of The Kingkiller Chronicles and HP, with a touch of Tolkien. There's so many things to like about the book. The characters are interesting. Caldan is the perfect protagonist. Miranda is a strong female character. Plus I also like the fact the writer used PoV characters. Made it even more fun to read. Fo... morer a debut novel, Mitchell Hogan has really shown what a good writer he is. Excellent story surprisingly by a novice writer. Writ like a pro.
review 2: Wowzers this book is bad. The plot seemed decent enough but it's just so badly written, I can't deal with it anymore. Weird leaps in time and logic, the main character's train of thought meanders horrifically and the dialogue... Oh my lord the dialogue. Let me give you a little taster:“How long have you been doing this?” she asked. “And what problem is it that the city guard can’t deal with?”“Nothing. People with problems, that’s all. The guards have to have proof before they can act.”“What, and you don’t?”“No, it’s not like that. Some things I can see better, that’s all. I’m more observant than them. I see patterns a few steps ahead. It’s what I’m good at. Sometimes I have to act before the guards can be alerted, but mostly I can find a solution to a problem and the guards do the rest…mostly.”“So you work for the guards?”“No. People ask me to do things when they haven’t got enough proof to go to the guards.”WOW. Amazing. Mind you, this thing with helping people and guards and whatever is only explained (if you can call it that) here, then promptly dropped and never mentioned again. Pulpy fantasy novels are my thing, and I have a pretty high tolerance for poor writing, but this... This is too much. less
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This book has just the right amount of drama,action,magic and everything else you want in A book.
Pretty good fantasy. First in a series.
it was a nice read...
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