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Papillon, Tome 1 (2012)

by Miwa Ueda(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
2811606076 (ISBN13: 9782811606077)
review 1: Njirrrrr.... T_TNangis bandang bacanyaaaaa...Maunya sih kasih 4 bintang, tapi karena ceritanya ASLI menyebalkan, gak jadi deh! -,- Huhuhu....sedih bacanyaa...Aaaakkk... I hate tuh cewek! Ryuusei juga :((Huhuhu tapi Ryuusei ganteng ... Sebenarnya Ryuusei baik, tapi aku kok sebel ya... :(Andai Ryuusei sama Ageha..Tapi kurasa Ryuusei suka sama Ageha. Tapi kenapa dia pacaran sama tuh cewek? *jambak-jambak*Dan tuh cewek ya... saudara kembar macam apa tu??? Tapi kurasa ada maksud di belakang semua ini deh.. Semoga aja sesuatu yg 'baik'.Kuharap penderitaan Ageha di seri 2 berkurang. Asliii gak kuat bacanya. Ini aja aku bacanya lingkah-lingkah.. gak kuat bacanya pengen nangis dan jambak-jambak rambut 'siapa aja' muluukkk. Aku baca dari depan langsung ke akhir. Gak tega uyyy lihatn... moreya. Semoga lanjutannya perasaan Ageha membaik.. amin..
review 2: RIGHT! I remember not liking the sister.Oh man did I not like the sister. Although that's the whole point of the sister anyway!So, this is the first installment of papillon. I've read volumes 2-6 but I only reviewed volume 1, so I've decided to redo the review into a way nicer, more refined review that this series deserves. Starting with VOLUME 1.Oh man did Hana get on my nerves. I wanted to rip her away from Ryusuke......wait, Ryusei, was it? Oh my goodness she just APPEARED and swooped in like a hawk.And I have no idea why Ageha just stood there and went "N......NO!!!" (*palm-to-face self attack*)And then Ryusei just let everything happen. He was the one audience member watching as one vicious twin ate the other and approached himI think the character I favor most of anyone is Ichijiku, who did not just stand by and was not vicious.I can't really say much about the first volume. It only took 20 minutes to read......all I can do is rant about the sister. (*sigh)(Review of October 11th)This was a really cute manga to read!Now let me just start off by saying that I started this manga off with volume 3 (because I couldn't find volume 1 or 2 on the shelves of my public library) AND that I'm not finished with the series yet. So this review isn't over the entire series because I still have yet to read.But I'm very proud to say that I want to read MORE of Papillon.I can't really perfectly organize what the series is about because I didn't start the series off with volume 1, but I know that it's about a girl named Ageha who feels that she has a perfect twin sister. She basically starts out the story with a crush on a dude named Ryusei, but her sister took him for herself.Ageha confronts a counselor for advice. I know the counselor's nickname is Kyuu, but I forgot his real name...sorry--I'm totally, absolutely, and positively forgetful.Anyway, I don't want to spoil past that particular point, but so far, Papillon is an adorable romance story that reveals what happens when girls overreact. Ageha becomes very nervous when she thinks that she has annoyed or bothered someone, so she freaks out and demands herself to apologize to them immediately.I can relate to her feelings because I freak out just as much when I annoy someone.You might have heard these following quotes off a "like" on facebook, but it's been a deja-vu thing for me for YEEEEARS (like, since the 5th grade).Theresa: "I'm sorry!"Bystander: "STOP SAYING YOU'RE SORRY!!"Theresa: "Okay, sorry..."Anyway, leaning back onto the subject...I think Miwa Ueda did a very, very, very good job expressing how someone like Ageha would freak out over certain things in certain ways. Some of you might read this series and think, "SHE OVERREACTS ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! WHO OVERREACTS LIKE THAT?! I BET THERE'S NOT A SINGLE HUMAN BEING WHO OVERREACTS AS MUCH AS THIS!!"Wrong, dude. I overreact like that ALL THE TIME. And it's not because I try because I seriously don't.But anyway, Ageha's twin sister, Hana, is basically placed as somewhat of an antagonist. She can't stand Ageha's happiness, and when attention is directed at Ageha, Hana attempts to direct it to herself. It makes me want to stick my hand into the book and smack the fo-shizzle out of her, but I remind myself that she is just a cartoon character and that I can only smack the fo-shizzle out of her in my head where no one can see or hear it but me.The way Ueda plots the story is very interesting and thrilling, and she weaves excellent cliff hangers.The art is adorable. Sometimes I mistaken Ageha and Hana for one another, but that's not too big of a problem because I usually tend to figure it out by myself. (It becomes a problem when I seriously cannot tell the two of them apart, but it's NOT a big problem, so IT'S OKAY!!!!)AND to top it all off, this manga made me laugh. IT GOES ON. MY. SMILEY SHELF!So yeah, I know this was a lame-O review, but it's 11:45 at night and I'm sleepy, and I CANNOT FALL ASLEEP LETTING THIS REVIEW GO UNPOSTED!!! But yes, this is how I truly feel about Papillon.I love the title!! It's french for "butterfly". HOW ADORABLE!!! less
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A good story about going after what you want. The twins have a strong sibling rivalry going on.
This review is for the Italian edition.
I really liked this =)))
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