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Can't Shake You (2014)

by Molly McLain(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I actually really enjoyed this book. I was allowed to read and review it through Netgalley, and the description seemed interesting enough. However, I was really swept away by the romance. I loved Josh in the book, who keeps his feelings regarding Carissa very locked tight due to his friend having a serious relationship with her at some point. However, you just can't extinguish the sparks between these two, and their relationship definitely made me as the reader go "Awww" quite a bit. Thumbs up for a book that engages you as a reader, and is just fun to read!
review 2: This is a nice and simple story that can be read quickly without engaging too much brain power or emotional commitment. Hmm... I just read that sentence back and realised it could be taken as
... more uncomplimentary. I don't mean it to be uncomplimentary but I'm not going to change it because it is true. This is a simple story of guy and girl getting over their personal crap and getting together with a random vendetta thrown in for some extra drama. Why to I sum up the story in those terms when all romances are in fact a tale of overcoming obstacles and finding the happy ever after? Because with this story the obstacles were ridiculous. Not the vendetta part... It was predictable but not horrible. What flicked my bic was the fact that because Carissa had dated Josh's friend it put her off limits. Throw in the "but I had her first" mentality and I was done. I get loyalty to your friends but... She is not property!! She is allowed a say in her own love life! But nope, not apparently in this world. She is woman therefore has no say in the actions of her menfolk. I guess I'm being a bit unfair as Carissa goes after what she wants (eventually) and gets her way and her man. It's sweet and it's incredibly sexy but it took too long to get there and there was too much chest beating to tolerate.Plus I didn't like the secondary characters all that much and in all honesty didn't like Carissa all that much.Maybe that was the biggest problem I had with the story - I didn't connect with the characters and don't understand small town mentalities...When all was said and done, it was enjoyable enough but it just wasn't my cup of tea and it's not going to go on my re-read list but don't let what I've said put you off. less
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I really liked this book! It was super romantic!
Great story so great I just re-read this book!!
review coming soon
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