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Casebook (2014)

by Mona Simpson(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 1
0385351410 (ISBN13: 9780385351416)
review 1: I enjoyed the book while reading it, but found a week later, it was not all that memorable. One other reviewer noted that Mona Simpson and Steve Jobs were biological siblings, though one was raised by biological parents, and other was adopted. That got me thinking about how this book about siblings written by the one who remained with the biological family affected the book's plot and characterizations.
review 2: This was an interesting book. A teenager in LA whose parents get divorced. His mother starts dating a guy. He and his friend become suspicious of him and through eavesdropping, sleuthing and the help of a PI, they uncover his deception. The book seems to drag on forever with not much happening until the discoveries later in the book, but it seemed
... moreto capture a teenagers perspective on divorced parents. It's comical how his friend leaves little footnotes throughout the book and how he keeps referring to his sisters as Boop one and two. less
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Different read, also uneventful and tedious...
Not sure how this got on the best seller list.
Judy Blume meets John Irving! Loved it!
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