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Amerikkalainen Tyttö (2004)

by Monika Fagerholm(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I had very high hopes for this book. The summary of the novel read like a wet dream for me; I love the 70's and mysteries involving girls my age. I was looking forward to a poetic day dream that would inspire both hope and sorrow in me. Well, I read it for about five days and just gave up on page eighty. So many things about this novel were wrong: the pace, the characters, the writing itself somehow managed to be choppy and sluggish simultaneously. The biggest blemish with this work is that it's translated from Swedish. I will admit there were some good lines. But most of what I read was confusing.
review 2: If I had to read "this was reality" one more time.....sigh! I've read it on several reviews, but I must join in and say I think it was over translated. A
... moret least, I hope that is the problem. Otherwise, it was very poorly written in my opinion. I was determined to finsih the book, but I found myself constantly re-reading things just to be sure I understood the message.The story of the two yound girls entertained me, but it was not worth the all the work! less
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090930 - Boring.... moving it back to my 'to-read' list for now, possibly forever
Interesting. I'm not sure I quite followed it always. Or any other time.
Didn't finish the first chapter. Really hard to read and follow.
4.5 stars; Twin Peaks in literary form!
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