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Smoke Screen (2000)

by Monique D. Mensah(Favorite Author)
4.55 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Who Will Be Left Standing When The Smoke Clears? It's ten years later, and we catch up with the ladies from "Who Is He To You." Simone is counseling young abused girls. Jessica is living off her daughter's bad situation. Lauren is still a brilliant defense lawyer, but she is having internal struggle with herself about right and wrong. Ryan is now married and the only thing she wants is a baby. As we are reacquainted with the ladies, there is a female serial killer on the loose. Men are not safe, as the Man Eater (as dubbed by the media) is killing men and leaving her calling card. Ms. Mensah does a great job weaving the storyline. I was kept on my toes as I tried to figure out who the Man Eater was. I am not ashamed to admit as she flipped the clues, I was clueless. Jessic... morea had me speaking out-loud to her, but she did show a human side. Simone was my favorite; she is a survivor in every sense of the word. Ryan's antics kept me cracking up, as she’s still a feisty one. Lauren's self conflicts had me questioning how I would have handled situations. Having read three of this author’s novels, I still commend her on shedding light on the mental health field. This is a subject we need more of in AA literacy. I enjoyed this novel and will continue to read her books. My only drawback was the connection between "Inside Rain" and "Smoke Screen" I needed more. I wasn't impressed with the bridge between the books. With that being said, I recommend this authors works previous and current. Just read the previous ones first! SiStar Tea ARC Book Club Inc 4 star rating Oct 5th 2012
review 2: With Smoke Screen by Monique D, Mensah, I'm on the fence with this one. While I have enjoyed her previous works, this one has left me feeling ... disconnected as the story dragged. I know her style is on another level designed to make you think before the big bang/reveal, but this time around, I didn't get that style of storytelling. I knew from the first page who the Man Eater was based on what she said after the kill. Jessica's story line seemed tossed in. Lauren read like a totally different person than she was in Who is He to You. Ryan was the same dysfunctional person with new and old dilemmas plaguing her demented soul. Simone was still being visited by her father although deceased while trying to help others who were going through what she had endured as a child.Normally, I can knock out a book by this author in two days, this time around it took me two weeks to finish unfortunately. Which is the only reason I gave three stars because usually I can't turn the pages fast enough. What I did enjoy about this book was the topic of mental health, it's seriousness and the fact that I got to see what was going on in the ladies lives ten years later which offered a lot of surprises.I look forward to future projects from Monique D. Mensah for she is a phenomenal writer that isn't afraid to tackle deep-thought provoking subject matters. less
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What can I say! All of her books are page turners. I can't wait for Monique's next book.
Final Rating 4.5 Stars
Excellent book!!!!
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