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Song For Sophia (2013)

by Moriah Densley(Favorite Author)
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esKape Press
review 1: I love it when I find a new-to-me author, and everything just seems to just click between us… there I go, stalking an author and her imaginary friends again! Even though I usually prefer books set in an earlier time period, I was hooked immediately. I’m sure you will be too. This book took me on a journey I wasn’t expecting, but I’m very glad I took it. Anne-Sophronia, or Sophia, was now going by the name Rosalie Cooper. She was on the run and had found work as a domestic at the country home of the reclusive Wilhelm Montegue, Earl of Devon, who rumored to be “mad”. Suffering from reoccurring night terrors of her past abuse, both from her father and a rapist in league with her father, Sophia was on her own, trusting no one. Bearing the scars on her back of her f... moreather’s love she looked for danger behind every curtain, shrub, tree… fear was more than an emotion for Sophia. Then a man of secrets wanted to protect her and have her trust him. Impossible.Wil was a broken man. He didn’t have to listen to the gossips, he knew it. He saw ghosts, he remembered things…everything in fact. He relived them every night. It made him insane, or so he was led to believe. He felt better without any human contact, until he met Rosalie… she made him feel. But there was something not quite right about her, she was hiding something from him. He finally had something to put his mind on other than his own terrors. If he couldn’t rescue himself, he would rescue her. The question arose, was Wilhelm protecting Sophia or was it the other way around?Before Sophia and Wil even knew they were courting, I found myself giggling aloud at their exchanges, little messages and innuendo’s left for the other. This wasn’t a sad book, far from it! I laughed, I gasped in anger, I jumped in anxious surprise, and I also sat puzzled… wondering what was going to happen next in this action-packed adventure. These two broken people were perfect for each other… neither able to trust another, found solace in each other. Having been in a situation similar to Sofia’s in my past, I related to this book on a level I thought I had, for the most part, left behind with my former life. It came back so vividly that I too, found myself in panic along with this brave heroine. It has been quite a while since a story has impacted me as much as this one has. I found myself unable to put it down, and in fact read portions to my husband. I was also thrilled with many of the secondary characters and look forward to seeing them in future novels! (I especially look forward to Wil’s nieces, the 3 Cavendish girls, as they have their Come-Out!)The question is, will Ms. Densley’s future books be on my auto-buy? The answer is yes! I am firmly ensconced in this world and don’t wish to leave! Thank you for the ride and I can’t wait for the next one! Until Next Time!xxoo Terree
review 2: The premise and characters in this book are engaging enough, but derivative. The heroine, Sophia, is running from her father to escape an arranged marriage (Lisa Kleypas did it better in Worth Any Price). The hero, Wilhelm is sort of OCD and/or in the autism spectrum (Jennifer Ashley's The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie explores this avenue with the titular character, and does it with more showing than telling). So, the characters are derivative, but can still take you into the story, but that can be unclear in places. In fact, there were times I got the feeling that, if I listened hard enough, the action would become easier to follow. But, with the promise of seeing these people again, I got the second book.The biggest problem I had is with the secondary characters. They were so not memorable that I didn't recognize them in the second book - and I listened to only one book in between. Some of these people figure prominently in the second book, but they were not important enough to foreshadow the next saga in this book. That's pretty bad. I can usually remember characters from previous books in a series, because the foreshadowing is clear.So, this is a maybe. Maybe if you've got time to kill. Just remember that there are many, many books, and you've got only one life in which to read them. Make sure you get the good ones to bring the richness of good writing into the time you have. less
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Really nice. I loved the first half of this book and was pretty ok with the last half.
Good plot at times to many details and can be slow moving
I Loved this book. I didn't want it to end. I want more.
Funny and good. I liked this book.
Brilliant read!!
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