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Who's Got Spirit? (2008)

by Nancy E. Krulik(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
0545052572 (ISBN13: 9780545052573)
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How I Survived Middle School
review 1: I really enjoyed reading this book. It is about Joyce Kilmer Middle School having Spirit Week where everyone dresses up to show spirit for their school. It is Jenny's friends vs the Pops to show who can show more spirit. Meanwhile, they have to work on their science project for the Science Fair and Chole gets to love animals and makes a new best friend, Bud and adopts one at the animal shelter and makes another new best friend, Bingo. Everyone shows off their sciency talents and the Science Fair and everyone loves Spirit Week!! MUST READ!!!
review 2: THis is book is verrry good! It is about Jenny and her friends competing aginst the "pops" in Spirit Week. Then the school mascot comes out at every game and peprally and nobody knows who it is! People like the "po
... moreps" think it is Maya but Jenny and her friends think it is Marc. Who is in the mascot suit? And more importantly who will win the "compition" between Jenny and her friends and the "pops"??? less
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Another great installment of How I Survived Middle School! Love this series!
This book was ok. Its plot wasnt that great though. It was type "cute"
It was a good book
such a good story!
Can i read it?
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