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Clarkesworld Issue 55 (2011)

by Neil Clarke(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
Clarkesworld Magazine
Clarkesworld Magazine
review 1: This short was amazing. It read like a fairy tale that you already knew somewhere in the back of your head. It's a great demonstration of the fallacies of both ends of the spectrum of governmental style: the full control of a monarchy versus the lack of any leadership of anarchy. I would highly recommend finding this and giving it a read. I came across it in a collection of short stories called 'Unnatural Creatures' edited by Neil Gaiman.
review 2: Bizarrely brilliant. The relationship between wasps, bees, and humans in this story represents relationships that different countries and groups of people have had with one another over the course of the past several hundred years of history, i.e. colonization, imperialism, Orientalism, first-world exploitation of th
... moreird-world countries, etc. The ending is a bit strange or obtuse, so you can read into it what you will; I think I was just left scratching my head. less
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Brilliant. A worthy Hugo nominee: original, intelligent, funny, and written with clarity and style.
Great story! I love the analogy of it. It is playful and sad and brutal, and liberating and cool!
A short story about what happens when wasps enslave a nearby bee colony. Bizarrely brilliant.
In my top two of the Hugo-nominated short stories.
Pretty much a perfect story!
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