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The Princess Affair (2013)

by Nell Stark(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
160282858X (ISBN13: 9781602828582)
Bold Strokes Books
review 1: I've read the other reviews from this book, and am aware at the diversity of the outcome this book has on each individual reader. Coming into this book, I was wary as I was not sure what my take would be once I began reading as many people pointed out both pros and cons that I've had with other literature in the past that is present in this book.With all this being said, I came to enjoy this book. Though it may not be my favorite work of lesbian fiction, it was intriguing, and kept me reading its pages until the very last one. The ending was a bit underwhelming, and the flow of the book felt choppy at times due to jumping around a bit. But overall, I did enjoy the story, and I enjoyed the characters. The princess herself was a character I really enjoyed, as well as ma... moreny of the background characters (members of the royal family, the princess's guard, etc.).If you're looking for a fun read, specifically a beach read, this one really fits the bill. It's a light and fairly easy book to read through on vacation or on a plane ride, and doesn't require much intellectual digging. I guess it could be categorized as "fodder" reading, but that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable.
review 2: Not badly written compared to other lesfic, and it started out quite ok. Sadly, the more it went on, the more it's flaws became obvious. That being said, it might be a satisfying book for lovers of the genre. It is fantasy!romance-driven not character-driven, so there isn't much development except in terms of plot - there also isn't much of an effort for said plot to be plausible or anything - complete with the Most Happiest Ending imaginable. It isn't really worth 3 stars, but I always over-rate lesbian books. less
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I stopped reading at Chapter Eleven. Sorry... but this is not the book for me.
Nice cast of characters and a sweet love story. A very enjoyable read.
Such a lovely romance. Easily one of my favorite lesbian novel so far.
I really loved Sasha, but I had a hard time connecting with Kerry.
Very enjoyable read.
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