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Love Your Skin: Expert Skin Care Secrets Exposed (2013)

by Nicci Leigh(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 1
1484034007 (ISBN13: 9781484034002)
Mogul Press
review 1: Great book! I was actually surprised by the fact that the author was able to make a subject like skin care interesting, but she did. Tons of information, but the writing style is akin to chatting with your girlfriends, but also knowing you are talking to a professional that knows her stuff. Great book for anyone that wants to take care of their skin. I think this would be great for pre-teens to teach them the proper way to take care of their skin from the start.
review 2: This was a free kindle download from Amazon, and turned out to be an excellent read. The author has an easy, encouraging, talkative writing style. She demystifies several different types of skin care products and includes several "DIY recipes" in the back of the book. My only complain
... moret about the book (in kindle format) is that it does not include a table of contents. This is a textbook/reference type of title, and it really should have links that help the reader flip to the right point in the book. Other than that, it's a great read and one I would recommend to friends. less
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A fantastic book on skin care! I will be using the tips and "recipes" in this book!
I'm an esthetician & this is the book I wish I'd written!
easy read. I'm taking a lot of her advice and doing it.
Great information!
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