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John Keats: A New Life (2012)

by Nicholas Roe(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 3
0300124651 (ISBN13: 9780300124651)
Yale University Press
review 1: Reading this was like being plunged into John Keats' life in the early 1800s. The detail made this a vivid and enthralling read.So fascinating to learn of his childhood, family upheaval ,his medical training, death of his brother from the same disease that killed him aged only 25,his literary circle financial troubles and his love life. I loved being reacquainted with his poems and to learn how some sonnets were dashed off in competition with his friends.His last journey to Italy and his death ,nursed by his friend Severn made for excruciating reading. But this book revives him in our memories.
review 2: I am going to review this in full on my blog, but in the immediate aftermath so to speak I can say two things a) Nicholas Roe has Keats on the psychotherapist'
... mores couch b) it is fascinating but not entirely convincing. Too many 'he must have thought this' and 'he would have thought that' for my liking. But it is a fresh perspective,his childhood assuming a far greater influence on his poetry than previously assumed and brilliantly researched, especially in relation to Keats's early years and his immediate circle of friends. However he does seem to sideline his brothers and to a certain extent, Fanny Brawne.The studies by Andrew Motion and Stanley Plumly still my personal favourites. less
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A stunning, fresh biography, shedding new material over well trodden ground. Great!
A very well done biography on one of the greatest poets to ever set pen to paper.
If you love Keats, this book is a must.
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