Golem review

Goodreads: From the bones of the dead, and from a long buried secret…they rise to kill. The original Golem was molded from riverbed clay centuries ago, enchanted by spells to protect the innocent. But now a diabolical design has perverted the ancient, mystical rites to forge new Golems that stalk the night. Into the twilight deeps of the quiet Maryland coast, they come forth, to rape, mangle, and murder, and to bring horror and atrocity to all in their demonic path. Only a young couple can stop them but little do they know, an even worse secret is buried in their own midst…

OK, I liked this book overall but I did find it slow and a bit boring at times. The flashbacks were the worse and I really think the book would have been better if those hadn’t been included at all. The present day characters could have read about it in a newspaper or something so it took up less space and didn’t impact the book negatively.

Having said that, the book was decent overall. A few grammatical errors that detracted from it a little but nothing too outrageous. I didn’t care for the main female character so that didn’t help keep my interest going.

The idea the writer was going with was different which was a plus. Overall, I give the book a C+ but am doubtful that I will read more of his books.

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