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Battle Earth (2011)

by Nick S. Thomas(Favorite Author)
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Battle Earth
review 1: Not bad, but the plot is plagued by what seem to be unreasonable, unlikely events. A giant alien ship slips into the solar system, stops off to destroy the tiny Mars base (they took the time to hunt down and kill a two-man research team. Really?), then proceed on to the moon where they seem bent on killing every human, one by one. The mother ship finally reaches earth, and starts waging a bloody ground battle against mankind, complete with armored foot soldiers, tanks and airplanes (or the alien equivalent). Despite having technology to move an unimaginably enormous ship between stars the aliens are content to fight their way on land like some 20th Century human army? This is the first book in a series so it's definitely possible that many of these questionable plot develo... morepments will be explained, and when I get the chance I'll give the next volume a try. Nick Thomas' writing is fairly entertaining and enjoyable, provided you don't think too much about the story.
review 2: An interesting start to a new series that certainly pulls the reader into the action packed story. Although the story is pretty good along with the well written battle scenes amongst some cool new alien tech, the general editing of the story seems to have been ignored slightly.With minor spelling mistakes or missing grammar, the writing often chuck you out of that perfect zone frequently. This results in a rather gripping an exciting story getting a four star rating, instead of a five. For those of you who enjoy action packed sci-fi, this is a very good addition to anybodies virtual bookshelf, though be warned, literacy Nazi's will spot the holes. For you, it might be worth waiting for a second edition when the holes have been patched and the grammar restored. less
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Awful writing. Awful, inconsistent, characters. Terrible dialogue. Avoid.
Not well written
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