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Love Is The Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian About Hope, Humility, And Everyday Miracles (2010)

by Nick Trout(Favorite Author)
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0767931971 (ISBN13: 9780767931977)
Broadway Books
review 1: This should be required reading for all veterinary students. Having been practicing veterinary medicine for over 25 years there are many moments of self doubt not just with animal care but, just as importantly, on a human basis. For all us vets who have second guessed our skills or judgement this will be a refreshing insight into how understanding and devout our patients and clients can be. Not everyone will relate to his story. For those of us that live the scenes and feel these emotions day after day, it is confirmation that we are not alone with these thoughts. From my perspective more realistic and thoughtful than any Herriot book (and they are still good books).
review 2: This was a well written book from the point of view of a veterinarian surgeon who us
... moreed the story (a somewhat tragic, but heartwarming one) of a sweet doggy to transfer over skill and love and the dream of healing and a chance of life toward other dogs that he treated, to fulfill the wishes of this dog's owner. He just struck me as a very compassionate man who loves dogs, and this one dog/owner in particular really impacted him and changed him for the better. It was extremely sweet, and I loved all the stories of the dogs and animals he treated, and I would like to read his other book now too. less
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again, i just wasn't in the mood for this book at this time but may try again later.
Not as impressive as his first book, "Tell Me Where It Hurts", but worth reading.
Cute Story. Interesting to get a vet's perspective.
Wonderful book. Laughter to tears.
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