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The Spa Day (2014)

by Nicola Yeager(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 1
Endeavour Press Ltd.
review 1: This was short, like really short and because of that it lacked any sort of character development (I highly doubt that the lead is meant to come across as a female dog but to me she does) or any romantic development (yes the fiancee is out of the picture for the entire book but the male lead is barely in it and apart from him being 'hot' I see no connection between him and the female lead - none at all). I cannot even remember the names of the characters and I finished the book about 2 minutes ago - that is how little an impression it left on me.
review 2: If you're looking for a fast-paced, gritty, sarcastic humoured book this is one for you.Once I'd started reading, I was drawn straight in by Holly's quirky personality and honesty. (I'm sure a lot of peopl
... moree are actually going to criticise how honest she is, but me, I found it refreshing.)Holly is your typical girl. Moody, anti-social, sarcastic, food obsessed, with a heart of gold, and a longing to be loved and happy.When she ends up being forced into a "friendship" with sex mad, glamour puss Rebecca. She can't help but feel the need to take a good look into her life and realise the mistakes she’s making.Rebecca made the book for me. Her mouth never stopped, she has no shame and from beginning to end doesn't fail to lower the tone having you smiling.For a short story it has enough in it to satisfy most needs and is written well enough to allow a good knowledge of the characters straight away. I liked that greatly about this.The spa day is an honest, open-minded, quirky, whirlwind read. I can guarantee it will have you giggling. less
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Mental spa trip? I rather have a real one compared to this.
It was an ok storyline but it didn't over joy me.
Very abrupt ending but a good book nonetheless
new author to me. quick holiday read.
Short and sweet.
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