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Room To Breathe (2000)

by Nicole Brightman(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: more like 2.5 stars Cora was a whining little baby that grated on my nerves how in the heck did Eric fall in love with her? it had to be the sex, because they had plenty of that . and when she finally did grow a pair I think it fell in the wrong time of the story she accused him of walking away from someone he loved when she was doing the same exact thing . the author did an awesome job at showing the maturity differences in age . I'm glad I waited for the price to drop before buying this one. I can forgive the robot talking or the non editing not a big deal I can auto correct in my own mind. there were some parts to the story that were really good too. the sex was steamy. I think the author is going to only get better and better. I'd like stronger lead females. I jus... moret can't stand a weak woman. I did feel gut wrenchingly bad for Cora though for what she witnessed and I think the author had me so emotionally vested and then just fixed it in practically one page that it turned the whole story around for me. I don't think I will be buying book 2. but would consider another book outside of the series
review 2: What happens when love literally knocks you flat on your ass? Well Room to Breathe answers that question for you! Room to Breathe is the debut novel for Nicole Brightman. We are introduced to Cora a young American girl who uprooted her life to move to England to help her dying aunt. Two years later and nine months after her aunt has passed Cora is finding herself at a stand still. Not sure if she wants to move back to America or continue her life in England. A bottle of whiskey and a reckless Lord Eric lands her in a near death experience but what Cora didn’t know was that night was not a chance encounter with death but a chance at life.Oh Lord Eric! I must say that he will rank up there with you favorite book boyfriends! His kind words leave you wanting because since when do we follow the “I don’t do relationships” MO! He has it all. One: He is hot! Two: He is rich! Three: He has issues! Four: He is endearing! Five: He is a freaking LORD!! So really our poor sweet Cora never had a chance. Cora has found herself falling for Eric in this twisted turn love story. Both Eric and Cora are dealing with a past and as we know the past never stays hidden. They are both learning each others issues but working through them isn’t all that easy. Still young Cora longs for a life of travel and the chance to help others in need. She can see her dreams coming true with Eric but can he see the chance he has in front of him.I really enjoyed this story and read Room to Breathe in one sitting. I just needed to know what would happen and at 30% in I was emailing Nicole telling her I would come find her if this didn’t go the way I wanted. Well she just laughed at me! Will I be looking for Nicole and time soon…that’s up for debate? What I will tell you is that this is defiantly a must add to your TBR list. Nicole has created a story worth reading with likable main characters. Cora youthful and sweet while Eric strong and compassionate. You will be cheering for them to find their own teenage dream. less
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2.5 StarsA decent book, had some editing issues. An okay storyline.
Love Love Love this book! It's a must read!
3.5 Stars
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