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Children Of No One (2013)

by Nicole Cushing(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: In a word this was trippy. Exceptionally bizzarely trippy, yet at the same time exceptionally compelling as well from the very start. Very unsettling piece of fiction about an extremely disturbing art installation, the artists behind it and their one man audience who'll do whatever it takes to see it. Intelligent meditation on the nature of art or nature of sadism, either way it worked and well. Excellent writing too. Recommended.
review 2: This is one of those books thats truly not for everyone. I personally had to take a step back and see it as a social commentary, a grave look at human obsession with new exciting experience. the book in itself feels like its own art piece. Its truly horror at its best... creepy... thought provoking and leaves that 'Ikky' fee
... moreling in your tummy like you just saw something wrong but your curious to know more. less
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enjoyable and disturbing. what is art? Good ending.
Great premise and imagery, enjoyed this novella.
This book is a great read!
Twisted. I liked it.
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