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Hard Knox (2000)

by Nicole Williams(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
The Outsider Chronicles
review 1: OMG! This book was amazing! I've read quite a few of this author's other books, and when I heard about this one, I knew I had to read it as soon as it released! As if the hotness of the cover wasn't enough, the synopsis also drew me right to it and I couldn't wait to read it! It was definitely worth the short wait for me, because it was one amazing book! I loved the plot too! The plot was full of sexual tension, but it had quite a serious side to it as well! I loved the sexual tension between the two main characters! It was just on fire and so damn hot! It made the plot for me! The serious side was also brilliantly done! I haven't read a book with a plot like this book before as well! It dealt with drugs and about the dangers of them and how easy it is to be caught out by ... morethem! There was also a mystery side to the plot, which was awesome! I can say that I did suspect a few people, but I guessed correctly with who the person targeting the main character was! I'll admit that it wasn't that hard to guess though lol! I overall loved the plot and I read this book in a few sittings because I found it hard to put down! The characters were just as amazing as the plot! Charlie was the main character and she was so funny! She was also really direct and had her head on straight! She had a goal as to where she wanted to get to in life and she wasn't going to let anything stop her getting there! Well... until a certain guy strikes up a conversation with her! I loved Charlie's character! She was brave and I don't think she actually had a moment of weakness in this book! I was impressed at how well she handled the situation she was placed in too! She was always on guard, and even though sometimes she should have listened a bit more to her love interest, she always tried to do the right thing or as close to the right thing as she could! I just loved her! Knox was the love interest of Charlie and he was so damn hot! He's definitely added to my book boyfriends list! Knox didn't care about what other people though about him, and I had a lot of respect for him for that! Knox had also been through a lot in his childhood and my heart went out to him when I found out his story! No child should have to go through and do the things that he had to! Knox's story also told me a lot about why he acted the way he did and why he gave off a rough exterior! Knox was also fiercely protective of Charlie, and again, I could understand why he was like that after I found out his story! He was smoking hot and an amazing character! I can't wait to read the next book in this series! This book made me fall in love with Charlie and Knox's story and I can't wait to read the next book, even though they won't be the main characters! In fact, I'm not sure if they'll even make an appearance in the next book lol! I still can't wait to read it! The cover for this book is so hot! The model on the front is perfect for the character of Knox! Well, his body is perfect, but you get the gist of it ;) The necklace also plays quite an important part in this book too, so I like that it's on the cover!
review 2: My Rating: 4/5 starsMy Review: For Charlie Chase, the only thing in life that is important is the truth! As a journalism major, Charlie is totally used to being insulted as she walks across campus. She is used to the stares and the taunts and quite frankly, just doesn’t care. Charlie has little to no respect for most of her peers and so, exposing the truth of their lives and their activities is not a big deal, it’s her job. At the top of Charlie’s list of favorite topics, the hazing and partying that goes on inside campus sororities and fraternities. Though Charlie would rather poke a needle in her eye than go to a sorority or fraternity party, she is committed to her new article on underage drinking. As if the party isn’t bad enough, Charlie’s night gets even crappier when she is approached by none other than Knox Jagger. As if she doesn’t already get enough dirty looks. Knox Jagger is every girl’s wet dream and every guy’s worst nightmare. If there is even an ounce of truth to the rumors then Knox Jagger has slept with nearly every girl on campus and then some. He knows how to hold his own in a fight and everyone wants a piece of him. Except Charlie Chase. Sure that Knox is drunk, Charlie tries to convince him that he is barking up the wrong tree but the stubborn man just won’t give up. Thank goodness! Despite her best efforts and near-constant diligence, later that night Charlie finds herself the victim of a drugging and if I weren’t for Knox, she surely would have been Sinclair University’s latest rape victim too.Though the morning after is both awkward and painful, Charlie realizes that Knox may not be quite the asshole she has always thought him to be. After insuring her safety, Knox encourages Charlie to go to the hospital for testing and to file a police report. Knox also strongly advises Charlie to rethink her research strategy, especially if it means she will be attending more sorority and fraternity parties on her own. Charlie, ever the independent soul, chalks the experience up to bad luck and continues on with her research. The situation takes a critical turn, however when Charlie is drugged a second time. She may be independent but she isn’t stupid and though she is hesitant, Charlie moves in with Knox (the spare bedroom, you pervert!) so that the two can work on the problem together and Knox can ensure Charlie’s safety. Safety in numbers, right? For months Charlie and Knox attend party after party but the drugging has seemingly stopped. The girls of Sinclair University are safe but Charlie’s heart is not. She has lived for months with a man she is fiercely attracted to and though she is sure he is attracted to her, Knox has always maintained his control. Knox is not at all what the rumors say he is and his every action is taken to insure Charlie’s safety while she conducts her research. Thanks to the growing sexual tension and the lack of progress in their investigation, Charlie and Knox have a tendency to engage in heated discussions. Both are strong-willed and convinced of their position so the arguments generally end in a stalemate and the two stalking off to their respective rooms. Following one such event and in an effort to draw out the drugging culprit and move their investigation forward, Charlie rashly and stupidly decides to attend a party on her own. Before she knows it, a raging and nearly naked (YUMMY!) Knox is in front of her dragging her out of the party before she can be drugged again. Though Charlie is wicked pissed, she knows the rage she sees in Knox is a result of his fear for her and her safety and in that moment, both finally allow their relationship to move forward. You know it can’t all be good from here and no HEA should ever be this easy  True to form, shit hits the fan in spectacular fashion: Charlie discovers a treasure trove of information about Knox and his past that she just doesn’t understand, her life is truly threatened and, if it weren’t for Knox (yet again!) Charlie would be all kinds of dead. Instead, Charlie and Knox are all kinds of something else . . . .The Bottom Line: Hard Knox was my introduction to Nicole Williams and her writing and I am pleased to have picked up this read. My only real complaint about this read is Charlie’s general attitude. She is awfully young to be as jaded and cynical as she is and her general rage against man attitude gets old quickly. Once Charlie begins to mellow a bit she becomes far more likeable; unfortunately, it takes a life-threatening situation to get Charlie to mellow  Knox, well, he’s just Knox and unless you read the book, you just won’t get the appeal of his brand of sexy. He is some kind of sexy and every part of that man is perfection on legs. Though I pretty much had the big bad figured out early on, it certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying this read and I feel comfortable recommending this read to lovers of light mystery and HEAs. less
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Thanks Tracie for the rec! I love a good college read! ;)
Fantastic book! Loved how all is not as it seemed.
i loved this book
Loved it!!
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