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Lord Of The Desert (Immortal Sheiks, #1) (2000)

by Nina Bruhns(Favorite Author)
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Immortal Sheikhs
review 1: So good to have a good paranormal story taking place in Egypt. I love the country, its mythology, temples and immortal legends. Mixing immortal shape-shifters, vampires demi god, prietress... seemed a bit too much at first but it works quite well, taking you somewhere unreal during the read. I truly enjoyed Rhus and Gillian story even though you are left with quite a lot of question in the end.
review 2: The Immortal Sheikhs, book 1Winner of the RT BookReviews Award for Best Nocturne of 2010!The three Haliday sisters are not afraid of mummies. Nor of silly ancient Egyptian curses. Get real. This is the twenty-first century! Besides, Historian Gillian, anthropologist Gemma, and archaeologist Josslyn Haliday spent their childhoods sharing their sleeping tent with
... more mummies and telling each other stories of fantastic shapeshifters and vampires, as they accompanied their Egyptologist father on his digs…ever since the fateful day their mother mysteriously disappeared into the sands of Egypt twenty years ago.Brave, modern women all three, it would never occur to any of them to fear the dead…or the living dead. But that is all about to change…The Immortal Lord…British Lord Rhys Kilpatrick serves his dark master well. Mortals believe the demi-god Seth Aziz is merely a myth. Rhys is one of the initiated few who know better–immortal, shapeshifter, trusted lieutenant to the five-thousand year old vampire high priest who rules the night desert from his palatial tomb deep beneath the shifting sands. Rhys’s job is to supply his dark lord with all his heart desires, including beautiful women for blood sacrifice…But when intrepid historian Gillian Haliday ventures too close to the tomb of the demi-god, seeking Rhys’s own grave, he is instantly obsessed with the bold, golden beauty.This woman he will keep for himself… less
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Cute but only read it if you have nothing better to do.
Miniseries: Immortal Sheikhs
I enjoyed this series.
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