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The French Detective's Woman (2012)

by Nina Bruhns(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 5
Cajun Hot Press
review 1: In His Control by Nina Bruhns, A thief in Paris who robs from the rich to pay for rent, food and education for 5 street kids (orphans) goes out undisguised one night at club and unknowingly has a fling with the with the detective that has made it his mission in life to catch the “ghost” thief who he believes is a man. It was quite the game of cat and mouse until he figures out it is her and then he tries his best to catch her in the act. These two were explosive in bed but yet neither would give up their job profession. There is a big caper at the end in the fashion of Ocean’s Eleven that was quite the setup with a twist for the ending. Nina’s alpha men are defiantly like no others..
review 2: My kindle edition is actually called The Paris Caper.Set in
... more Paris, France an American girl with a heart of gold steals from the rich to help some orphans keep off the street to get a chance she never got, help out of gutter, and pushed towards a good future.As she is waiting for her next mark to show up at the club, she almost gets distracted by the handsome Frenchman who joins her on the dance floor. Instant sparks. But he turns out to be the police officer who is trying to capture her.She is trying to keep the kids safe and not get caught. while he is fighting his own battles, to trust the girl who has captured his heart.Amazing book. Well written. Fantastic characters that you fall in love with. Im a sucker for a good cop book and this one didn't disappoint. some thrills and spice and everything nice. ill be reading more from Nina Bruhns. less
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Started off a little slow, but picked up and delivered.
Amazon (ebook) freebie 1/23/13
Kindle free download 11/8/12.
Amazon Freebie 11/8/2012
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