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Filter House (2008)

by Nisi Shawl(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
1933500190 (ISBN13: 9781933500195)
Aqueduct Press
review 1: I don't generally read short stories for a petty reason: I'm a fast reader, so I end up going through multiple short stories in one sitting, and then they get muddled in my head and it's no fun. However, I've had less time to read recently anyway. And reading multiple stories in one sitting is not a problem with "Filter House" - each one is unique, and I find myself still thinking about them about a week after I finished the book. I hear she's writing a steampunk novel in colonial Congo. I cannot wait to read it.
review 2: Do yourself a favor and check out this beautiful, moving set of diverse (in theme, character, voice, and genre) short stories. Shawl brings to life various mythologies of the African diaspora in highly original ways. This is speculative f
... moreiction in the best sense of the phrase. My favorites were the touching, heartbreaking "Wallamelon", as well as the intriguing sci-fi tale "Good Boy" in which characters blur the lines between mental illness and divine possession while a space colony is trying to cope with a pandemic. Highly recommended. less
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A solid collection of short stories centered on common themes.
Fantastic collection - don't be put off by the cover.
i wish she had a novel, she is a very tender writer.
Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
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