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Annabelle Lee (2008)

by N.J. Walters(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 3
1419900528 (ISBN13: 9781419900525)
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Summersville Secrets
review 1: The minute Mike Sloan set eyes on uptight librarian Annabelle Lee, he knew she was different. Although her exterior is prim and proper, he could see right through her knowing she would be soft and curvaceous. Biding his time he finally plans to stake his claim, the problem is Annabelle has misguided ideas on what their relationship will be and ends up hurting Mike in the process of what she believes is a no-strings affair.This was just okay, Annabelle seemed almost to naive to me but when it came to exploring her sensual side she was not lacking any inhibitions, in fact she was quite dominating, so it didn't blend the two sides of Annabelle for me.
review 2: I enjoyed the story of Annabelle and Mike because it was a role reversal of the usual romance stories
... moreor worse, the romantic comedy movies where the gal wants a relationship and the guy has commitment issues. In this story, when Annabelle and Mike finally get together after having erotic dreams about each other for months, Mike is the one who wants a long term loving relationship and Annabelle is the one who doesn't want to commit to it.That part of Annabelle is believable as is the fact that she had only one prior relationship. The only part about her that seems far fetched to me is her fear of letting anyone in the small town know that she and Mike are a couple. If she really does want him, wouldn't she want EVERYONE to know? As for Mike, I thought it a little different that he wanted a committed relationship from only erotic fantasies. But...they actually helped this story because the reader will be cheering them on hoping that they can be that loving couple.The sex scenes are not too graphic but certainly hot. It really feels more like "making love" than "sex" or that other word. Another aspect of the book that makes this very romantic. An enjoyable read. less
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a great story about how insecurity can harm relationship. such a sweet story. simply love it.
A good book but nothing special. Just another run of the mill soft porn/romance.
Sweet, sexy, satisfying short read
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